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Young Love Rosary Necklace

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Dainty Stainless Steel Chainmail Rosary Style Necklace WIth a Stainless Steel Spikey Captive Ball Ring at the center and stainless steel heart details including a dangling locket. Includes a 1.5" nickel plated clasp, a stainless steel Carnage in Bloom brand jewelry tag, and up to 1.5" of adjustable length.

A cutesy play on the original Centipede Rosary Necklace, These will probably be never made again <3

This necklace is also available in an all stainless steel variation for those with an allergy to nickel. Elements of the hypoallergenic version such as the clasp will differ slightly from the picture however the overall design is quite similar. 

Size Small pictured on a 14" Neck

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