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Viper Slip Necklace

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Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Chainmail Necklace Featuring a 1-inch Nickel plated O-ring at either side to create a versatile "slip" necklace effect. This necklace does not include a clasp, you simply pull the chain through an O-ring at one end and put the loop over your head, the necklace can then be worn in any way you chose but is most commonly weighed down to create a choker with a long dangling tail.

This choker is also available in an all stainless steel variation for those with an allergy to nickel. Elements of the hypoallergenic version such as the clasp will differ slightly from the picture however the overall design is quite similar. 

Size Small pictured on a 14" Neck, please measure your head for size reference instead of your neck as the necklace needs to fit over the widest part of your head.