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Day in The Life Patch Pack

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This patch pack features NINE Patches, Small, Medium, and Large Sized, inspired by romanticizing things I've done and places I've been in my daily life. This patch pack includes:

-Carnage Logo Lamb (Bakcpatch)

-Carnage Logo Splat Rat 

-Carnage Logo Hospice Bed

-Carnage Logo on Tied Hands

-Carnage logo Dead Raccoon

-Carnage Logo on Isla de las Munecas

-Abandoned Factory Ceiling

-"Be Gay" Spray Paint

-Lisa's Staircase

Only TWELVE patch packs available. Packaged in a Poly envelope for safekeeping. Each patch is hand cut by me so some slight imperfections may happen. The colors in the pictures may differ slightly from the colors IRL.

These patches are made out of durable but soft cotton twill material (similar to jeans fabric without stretch) and can be used in a variety of ways. Sew or pin them onto clothes or bags, pin them to your wall as decoration, or make them into something else entirely!! I've seen people do such amazing things please send your creations to carnage on Instagram <3

Please note these patches are washable and can be washed at any temperature however they may fade slightly over time or fray as they come with a raw edge.

DISCLAIMER:: These images are NOT meant to promote or encourage self-harm. These picture scarification done by an adult in a safe environment for personal aesthetic purposes. No animals were harmed to take these pictures. If you wish to purchase this set but some of these images trigger you please indicate so in the order notes and I can switch out triggering patches for others that won't <3

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