Custom Carnage Request Form

Here you can submit a custom request for any piece of jewelry of any size!!

Some more info about carnage customs:

-You can request anything from a simple alteration or twist on a classic carnage piece to a complicated body harness. Anything your heart desires.

-Depending on the complexity, it may take me up to 4 weeks to ship your piece unless it is time sensitive. Priority processing is avaiable for an extra fee.

Once you complete the google form linked below I will either DM you on IG or email you, confirming your idea and maybe talk a little further about it. At this point I will then request your deposit from your payment method of choice which will be $50 unless otherwise stated. After submitting the deposit I will then begin making your custom piece!! When it is finished I'll contact you with finished pictures and at this point you will pay the remainder of the amount quoted initially. Once that is paid I will ship your piece to you <3

Google Form